Ravenhill Russells

Breeding Quality 10-12" AKC Russell Terriers

for Show, Earthdog or Quality Companion Pets

American bred  -  Olde English & Australian lines

Russell Terriers come in several acceptable colors (shades of tan and white, black and white and black and tan an white) They also come in 3 different coats. Smooth (no wirey whiskers around face/feet/tail) Broken (bristles around the eyes/nose, maybe on feet) and Rough (wirey coat all over body, should NEVER be soft and fluffy), All three coats should always have a "double" coat, 

All pups go out up to date on all shots. Conservative approach to inoculations.  Microchipping . Health guaranteed. Friendly, intelligent active pups, excellent companion or family dogs and hunters..

Occasional show prospects offered.