Ravenhill Russells

Breeding Quality 10-12" AKC Russell Terriers

for Show, Earthdog or Quality Companion Pets

American bred  -  Olde English & Australian lines

This would be our 1st Russell...she was JRTCA  registered from a gentleman in Roper, NC. That seemed the person that people from Alabama to Va. were getting their working terriers. At the time, the only registry I knew about was JRTCA, and Roper was a nice little bitch, if not a bit hyper. 
We had her, then "lost" her when my EX (Leland's father) just let her go while I was in the hospital from a car wreck in 1994. He thought I wouldn't find her...he didn't like my German Shepherds or Roper..or the horses, for that matter. 
When I finally got her back, CARE had "fixed" her for me (without trying to find the owner...fixed her then advertised that they had her), I "chewed several people out, including the vet who just takes these dogs in on "their say so" . Needless to say, she became just a pet, although we did participate in Earthdog competition in Durham for several years.
This is Jon with our 1st REAL Russell.(1989)..Mia..sister to Sophie...from a breeder in Greensboro...(noitce how short the tails were cut)..interesting that I started out with bl/whites and tri's..and now am trying to get bl/whites again by cross-breeding. Finally got a true bl/white recently....
This is a picture of my folks, Jon and Mia..taken in 2000...unfortunately, Mom let her out, not knowing she would try to follow Jon on his bicycle to a friends house down the road, and she was killed on Hwy 902. I hate that road.(It also took Jon 2 years later)... 
That Christmas...our friend bred one more time...and gave Jon "Sophie" same breeding as Mia...the foundation bitch that I eventually bred to Darby, a working Russell whose lines hailed straight from England, and got Jackie and Lucy off of those lines.
This is a picture of Dooley...the 1st male Russell I purchased from a Vet Tech friend of mine in 2003. I thought he was cute..but was still learning about lines. Have come a long way since then. He is the sire of Zorro, a male off of Dooley and Brianna, one of the dogs that I gave to Terry-Crowe White to start her kennel of Russells. At that time, she had no Russells, and never had since I had known her since she married Sam White in the early '*80's. I also gave her Jackie and a pup off of Lucy, named Piper. These were to be "exchanged" for pups on down the line.
This is "Jackie" (Crowe's Nest Jackylyn) almost 2, right before I gave her to  Terry Crowe-White in 2006. This was when we were still "friends" I didn't know how to stand her up properly, she was a nice 11 1/2" little bitch was intent on killing her sister....
This is "Lucy" the sister I kept, obviously I wasn't very good at "setting up" these dogs..these last 3 pics were taken on the same day.
This is a picture of Sophe, Mia's sister...taken around 2005...she was an 11 1/2" bitch...tri colored smooth. Sometimes both she and Lucy would throw bl/wh. pups, as well as tri's.
She is weaning the Darby litter.
This is a picture of Darby, Jackie and Lucy's sire. He was a working Earthdog, 13" . Picture was taken when he was 10 years. old. His lines, which I have, go back to a working kennel in England.
This is Darby's dam, 
10 1/2",  obviously where I was getting the bl/wh pups in my lines. She is 16 y.o. in this picture.
This is the resulting litter, March '05, where Jackie and Lucy came out of.   All bl/wh and tri's. and smooths.. AND the foundation bitches of my lines today that are crossed with Elk Creek lines, the founder of our AKC parent club "theARTC.org"