AKC Import lines
German Shepherds


I bred German Shepherds for 37 years. I had to put my last bitch down in January 2009 at the age of 14, she had degenerative neuropathy. Her rear quarters were going numb. Her hips and elbows were still good and until she showed the nerve damage, she could stand up on her hind legs and "dance" with her front feet on your shoulders.

 The two adult bitches pictured were purchased from 2 different kennels (Rita from Onida Kennels & Raven from Thornfalcon Kennels) that carried my lines. Pictures are at different ages.

X-rayed hips and elbows - Good

This is "Raven". Her sire is "Brix", a Slovakian Sch 3 V-A rated import. I very mild mannered tractable dog, handled by an 81 y.o. owner. Extremely socialble, but very serious when he is "working".

Pictured above is a picture of Brix, Raven's sire. He is a black sable.

Pictured above at one year old, Raven shows that easy going temperament that makes her such a good companion dog.

Buck, Rita's sire

This is "Regal". She is actually the more "territorial" of the two bitches. She comes from excellent show lines. Her grandmother competed at Westminster.


 However, this line does NOT walk on their hocks or have hind legs that move like "egg beaters". They are correct without all of the exageration you see in GSD competing in the confimation rings. She is a balanced bitch & can really "move out" across my property...she is "poetry in motion".

Regal was the more intense of the two American females I had.  She has strong prey drive and protection instincts, and she is out of show lines, good home protection lines. She is retired.

Rita, out of American Champion. Buck...pictured @ 4 years of age.